Remote Patient Monitoring

Increase patient engagement, patient compliance, and patient outcomes with RPM!

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a Medicare-covered program that involves the collection and analysis of patient physiologic data in real-time. Clinic staff can remotely monitor patients in between office visits. This virtual and real-time monitoring enables providers to truly meet the needs of their patients and provide timely care before they end up in the ER. 

What Your Patients Get

-Increased access to their care team

-Ability to self-report their vitals and other symptoms

-Monthly coaching from an experienced nurse

-A deeper understanding of their personal physiologic trends and norms

What You Get

-Manage, engage, and monitor your patients in between office visits

-Improved adherence to treatment and care plan

-Accurate and relevant data to guide patient care goals

-Real-time data available for assessment, triage, and treatment escalation

With AKN Wellness you get a turnkey RPM program ready to be implemented with your new and existing Medicare patients.

Most importantly you improve your patient outcomes, compliance increases while hospital admission and readmissions decrease!