Healthcare Provider Services

We are here to meet the unique needs of your practice and your patients. Our services bring added value to your patients while freeing up some of your back-end time allowing you to better serve your patients and grow your practice!

17 hours a day/7 days a week

is how long a provider needs to work in order to meet the many needs of their patients… It’s just not possible!

AKN Wellness will become an extension of your practice, seamlessly integrating with your office to serve you and your patients. 

Our programs address social determinants of health, support chronic disease prevention and management, as well as lifestyle well-being and wellness. 

We will foster community through active and consistent engagement, create a rapport and promote a trusting compassionate relationship between patient and provider.   

Services For Healthcare Providers

  • Medicare CCM/RPM: Fully compliant CMS program. We take care of all the implementation, management, tracking, and billing of CCM and RPM services for your practice. Learn more about our solutions for integrating CCM/RPM into your practice.
  • Medicare Annual Wellness Visit: We can perform the Medicare Annual Wellness visit. We will provide Personalized Prevention Plan Services (PPPS) required for CMS payment. 
  • Diabetes Prevention Program: An evidence-based lifestyle change program aimed at reducing the risks and preventing Type 2 Diabetes. 

We believe in an integrative approach to care where the patient is the focal point.