Health Advising

Whether you have just received a life-changing diagnosis, or you have been managing a chronic condition for many years, this Health Advising package is for you!

Our health advising package is designed to help you gain awareness of your health status through a comprehensive review of your current health state, including medical conditions and risks for disease development or progression.

Health advising is ideal for:

-people who want to establish and maintain healthy habits

-people seeking a deeper understanding of health conditions and chronic illness

-people managing multiple medications and health conditions

Together we will...

co-create a restorative or preventative health plan that will help move you closer to optimal health. 

Collab Gals

What you get

-Completely customizable program to address your specific health concerns

-One-on-one weekly sessions with your personal RN health advisor

-Access to secure patient portal

-Health-promoting tools and resources

-Skills to increase your self-awareness and self-advocacy to reclaim control of your health

Following the initial session,

weekly sessions will provide an opportunity for progress tracking, goal updates, and strategy modification.

What to expect

We will complete a comprehensive State of Health (SOH) assessment, identify desired health outcomes, and co-create a personalized action plan that identifies strategies for reaching your health goals.

Managing new or complex health conditions can be very scary, but you are not alone in facing this challenge. AKN Wellness is here to empower and equip you to regain control of your health.