Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is patient care coordination services covered by Medicare. CCM provides an additional layer of support to patients outside of regular office visits. Care coordination includes everything from comprehensive care planning to coordinating community services, teaching, medication reconciliation, and regular touch point by the nurse care manager.

How We Serve Providers

-Unload the demands of care coordination from your staff

-Reduced hospital admissions and repeat admissions

-Increased patient engagement and adherence

-Ensure Medicare compliance for increased reimbursement 


How We Serve Patients

-Direct line to clinical support and dedicated nurse

-Continuity of care and support during care transitions

-Monthly care coordination and access to resources 

Your patients get personal nursing support, and you get a tried and true, Medicare compliant solution for your Chronic Care Management Program.

There is no need to hire or train additional staff, AKN Wellness is established and ready to serve you and your patients.