Medical Ear Piercing

AKN Wellness provides safe, clean, and hypoallergenic ear piercings courtesy of our trained medical professionals. This service is available for people of all ages (infants to adults). 

What is medical grade ear piercing?

Medical grade ear piercing uses aseptic techniques to eliminate contamination. Single-use disposable cartridges are used to pierce and insert the posts. Studs and earrings that are nickel-free or nickel-safe are used in order to prevent an allergic reaction.

Why use AKN Wellness for your ear piercing needs?

1. At AKN, we use the Blomdahl medical piercing system, a piercing device designed by dermatologists and exclusively available for doctors and nurses.

2. We have a variety of piercing styles and we are proud to be one of the few places in the Twin Cities that offers TRUE nickel-free and hypoallergenic piercing options.

3.The medical grade titanium we use is FDA approved and is the most skin friendly and hypoallergenic metal available for piercing. Our piercing stud options include stainless steel, 14k gold, and nickel free medical grade titanium or medical plastic. Regardless of your selection you are sure to have an unmatched experience.

Providing a Clean and Safe Environment is Our Mission

Safety is our top priority! We follow strict cleaning and sanitation practices before, during, and after every client to ensure client and staff safety.

What can you expect during your visit?

– All piercings are performed by our RN and certified medical piercer

– Clean, private, and kid-friendly environment

– Detailed after-care and healing instructions

– Numbing cream available upon request


Prices vary by style and range from $40-$125

With AKN Wellness you and your loved ones can now receive ear piercing services in the comfort of your own home or visit us at our location in the beautiful wellness and beauty spa GloSkin Space in Crystal, MN.


Most frequent questions and answers about medical ear piercing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that ear piercings at any age pose little risk as long as the “piercing is performed carefully and cared for conscientiously”. To reduce the risks of developing a nickel allergy we recommend a Blomdahl piercing stud or a 14k gold option. Generally, our infants are as young as 8-12 weeks.

Our piercings are always free with the purchase of a piercing stud. We have a variety of piercing stud options, and pricing varies with each style. You can expect a pair of earrings ranging from $40-$125

Concierge In-Home piercings with groups of 2 or more will receive 25% off. We also offer a group rate for piercing parties of 5 or more. Contact us to learn more.

In the state of Minnesota RN piercers are only able to pierce the ear, any other piercing to include nose, face, or abdomen is considered a body piercing and outside of the scope of practice for our RN piercers.

We provide very detailed after-care instructions for your new piercing at your appointment. Lobe piercings take about 6-8 weeks to heal and cartilage piercings 12 weeks with proper after-care. It takes a whole year for a piercing to be fully healed and we encourage that you always keep an earring in the piercing during your first year of healing.

Numbing cream is available upon request. Please note that it does take around 25 minutes for the numbing cream to be effective. If you request numbing cream, you will need to arrive early to your appointment.

We serve the Twin City metro. Please contact us to confirm your address is in our service area.