One day while conversing with my then ten-year-old son, he confessed to me that he was capable of being a kind and loving child who listens to his parents and does all of his chores without being told, if he wanted to. He explained that he knows how he should behave and that he is more than able, but he simply does not want to be kind and nice to his sisters, so he doesn’t.

Initially, I was taken aback by his statement, and after a few moments of bewilderment, I realized he was actually on to something. At that moment it became clear to me that we are ALL capable of doing whatever it is we want, the key being we must WANT it!

Coming off maternity leave after having my third child, my want was to stay home longer with my family. I wanted to have my holidays and evenings back, and continue my work caring for people. At the time, I had no clue that this want of mine would turn into a passion for wellness.

My journey has been met with many obstacles, with the greatest one being self-doubt. As I moved through my own journey to whole-self wellness I began to practice mindfulness. That is when the old saying “if you believe it, you can achieve it” became very real to me. I realized the power of my mind and how a single thought could set in motion a tidal wave of success or could freeze that very wave and all its momentum.

Once I realized I had the power to create the life I wanted for myself and my family my work began. It started with the tiniest of baby steps, the first of which was to refocus my mind on what I wanted. One step led to another and before I could even realize what was happening AKN Wellness was born!

I created AKN Wellness to engage my community in wellness principles through education, resources, and support; and to connect the dots between your personal wellness and your personal success. Together we will co-create your road map to wellness as you uncover your purpose, explore your hopes, and create the joy and fulfillment you want in your life.

More About Me: Wearer of many hats – wife, mother, RN, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, entrepreneur, yogi. I enjoy writing, painting, and listening to audiobooks, my favorite things to do are laugh and lay in the sun, and I love gazing at pretty things (flowers, art, anything that sparkles). I feel the most peace during Shavasana and near water (but not the ocean because I have terrible motion sickness).

“We all have the answers within ourselves to achieve our goals and be great.” – Linda Bark, Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy