AKN Wellness

A service-based health and wellness organization

By increasing access to health and wellness services, resources, and practices, we help people reach and maintain their optimal health and wellness.

What We Do...

We bring awareness to health and wellness as two separate but important aspects of our daily lives. We work with individuals and organizations by helping to connect the dots and recognize that both are needed for overall well-being.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are different for each of us. Together we’ll unpack what they look like for you

Beauty & Wellness

At AKN Wellness, we recognize that beauty is a part of wellness. We take pride in providing quality and professional services that help individuals safely achieve their personal body image goals.

Community & Wellness

Together we’ll create a solid healthcare team serving our patients and communities.

About Me

I'm Felicia, Founder & CEO of AKN Wellness

I am a Registered Nurse and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. I work with individuals, groups, and organizations as a health and wellness advocate and advisor. 

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